Kamis, 29 September 2016

Internet Mirror Self Identity

In this digital age, it is very pleasant when discussing about the internet and technological developments are happening. Almost I was so pleased, it could be we fall asleep will be sophisticated gadgets-gadget present and numerous practical access to establish relationships, but forgot that we also occasionally tasting easy it is to write on the Board using lime or listen to a small radio with antenna ketoprak petite. The technology has been around since long ago, and we've already experienced it. However, technological developments more rapidly has been makin day membuyarkan our focus will be the technology of the past we've ever taste.


When you first get to know the internet, it is most enjoyable at the time (around the year 2000) is the MIRC and Yahoo. Both this goal has always been the top priority when it comes to a cybercafe, which was then still rare and rates is quite expensive. None other, is actually just to chat with other people that you know that he who ... hehe. If remember that moment, indeed strange, and rasa-rasanya less useful. Not wrong, but its wrong.

Now, the internet is not only fun, but exciting. How not exciting if all the information we need is there? Information things good or bad they are ready. Search the name "Joko" will definitely get "He-He" to another, it is possible in fact immediate not expected He found as it may be tucked somewhere on the page to the how. Yes if the patient, just hit the "next". If dont wait, yes the lid only. Going wrong. The internet can also treat without feeling ewuh-pekewuh because it does not apply there. Anyways the internet also will not be disappointed.

The Internet and Identity

Though the internet seems to have no feelings, but the internet is simply "cheated". Once we had something on the internet, he would record with alacrity. This internet record power demand someone to live authentically. If not, we will bear the losses. In fact, the internet itself presents ketidakotentikan with the advent of various accounts "is not actually", there are no private accounts behind it. In addition, the internet never offers a real relationship, but once there is an extreme argument someone, many people immediately berjejal-jejal entering the comment box.

Kenal aja baseball, me-too commented. Well, sometimes it is so. However, the good news, the internet provides an opportunity too large for everyone to expression, learning, exploration, fantasize, closely related, discuss, competing, etc.. However, often times, for example the opportunity for expression can offer a variety of styles that increasingly fosters a sense of "self-love" was not reasonable.

Urban users of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks the more fertile areas open for people businesses, pem "bully", lovers of self, are interested in a particular case, educators, even for organizations or establishments. So, there are no limitations for someone who wants to be a "resident" in the land of the internet. To keep in mind is the internet can be a mirror of our identity. As it known we'd be depending on the content of what we write, a response to what we give, what we uploaded photos, what information we disseminate community what we follow, the film/video is what we choose, etc. The Internet that have no feelings, but "cheating". The Internet will never be blamed if there was uproar, kidnapping, debate the charioteer, pem-bully's, and data theft. The wrong is its users. Bijaklah using the internet! All this.